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24 Hour Dental Services in Philadelphia, PA

Are you uncertain where to turn for a cosmetic dentist in the Philadelphia area who can provide quality results in minimal time? Count on our doctors, to provide cost-effective cosmetic dentistry in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We provide:

  • Tooth Pain
  • Tooth Extractions (Oral Surgery)
  • Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)
  • Lost Fillings
  • Dental Abscess & Infection
  • Dental Trauma
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Urgent Care Dentist

It’s rare to find a general dentist who offers 24 hour services, and who also has the expertise and availability to treat as many types of dental emergencies as Dr. Batra does. Through extensive training and real-life applications, she has the knowledge to treat avulsed teeth (teeth that have been knocked out), lost fillings or crowns, and cracked, broken, dislodged or loose teeth as soon as an accident or emergency occurs. Teeth are naturally strong, but years of wear and tear can leave them prone to fractures, cracks and breaks. Furthermore, decay and trauma can easily leave you with a few less teeth than you started with that day. In every one of these cases, we will work hard to get you seen as soon as possible, provide you with urgent care, and ensure your smile is wide when you walk out of our office.

Our Emergency Dental Treatment Services

At Advanced Dentistry of Center City, the entire staff has years of emergency dental treatment experience to treat all kinds of emergencies, from simple toothaches to traumatic injury and deep-seated infections. If you live anywhere in Center City, we’re here when you need us!

Not Just for Emergencies

Our patients schedule regular appointments and other dental services with us because they trust us to get the job done right, exactly when needed. Many of our patients come to us after accidents or injuries for help with dental emergencies, while others schedule regular checkups to keep their oral health on track and prevent dental emergencies. We also help with dental issues that aren’t emergencies, such as toothaches and other serious dental problems that can emerge from time to time.

If you already have great oral health and want to keep it that way, need get back on track, or want an emergency dentist in the Philadelphia area that is conveniently located, Dr. Batra will provide quality, personalized care. A dentist you can trust for urgent care and 24 hour services is never more than a phone call away! Contact us today!

To be seen for routine dental work, or to book an immediate emergency visit, give us a call at (215) 564-1446 – NOW! New patients are always welcome!

Are you having a dental emergency? Call our Emergency Line: (215) 564-1446

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Are you having a dental emergency? Call our Emergency Line: (215) 789-4106